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Mahjongg Dog Collar

Mahjongg Dog Collar


Dog Collar

The adjustable pet collar is made of durable polyester

material, features heavy duty clips, buckles, and a welded D-ring for tag.

This product makes a great gift for every

dog / mahjongg lover

Available in three sizes to suit everyone’s furry

friend! Available sizes:

Small (12”-14”)

Medium(14- 20”)

Large (18”-32”)

Measure Your Pet

With a measuring tape, measure your pet’s neck where the collar will sit. Take this number and multiply it by two.

For example, Rufus (my smaller dog) has an 11″ (28 cm) neck, so my final measurement will be 22″ (56 cm). Camila (my bigger dog) has a 16″ (40.5 cm) neck so I will need 32″ (81 cm)

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