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Mahjongg Charleston Assist

Mahjongg Charleston Assist


Don't get lost during the Charleston passing ever again! Which pass are we on? Can I blind pass now? Set the MJCA on your table during the passing to keep you on track. Designate one player to turn the hand of the game accessory to step your way through the Charleston with ease.

  • Using the charleston assist

    Designate a player (ie. East) to place the pointer of the MJCA on the “Start Right” position. After each Pass is completed by all players, move the MJCA hand clockwise to each slice of the wheel through completion of the Mah Jongg Charleston. The MJCA takes the guesswork out of which Pass you are currently on and reminds each player when during Passing you have the Option to Blind Pass or Stop the Charleston completely.
    Caring for the MJCA:
    The Mah Jongg Charleston Assist is made of durable styrene plastic which can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent (harsh cleansers are not recommended). Gently dry with a clean cloth.
    Mah Jongg Charleston Assist (MJCA)

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